Becoming a member of CPA

As a CPA member, you will receive a discount on your annual conference registration along with access to regional workshops, issues forums, prevention updates, and a networking voice with state organizations and government departments.

Memberships are available for individuals or for agencies. When registering as an agency you will be asked to provide contact information (name, title, phone number, email, and mailing address) for each member added.

Membership applications and renewals are completed online only by using the "Become a Member" link on this page.

The rates for membership are as follows:

  • Individual: $50
  • Agencies with 1 to 2 members: $50 each member
  • Agencies with 3 to 5 members: $150 for group
  • Agencies with 6 to 10 members: $300 for group
  • Agencies with 11 to 15 members: $425 for group
  • Agencies with 16 to 20 members: $650 for group

For more information about CPA and the benefits of membership, Click Here to download the  CPA Membership Brochure 4-2018

Memberships are effective from January 1 through December 31 of the current year.

ATTENTION  CPA Members:  Please know our system for managing membership is in transition.  To best serve you, our membership management is moving to a new system.  Our goal is to be up and running by November 1, 2018.  Please come back and visit our site in early November to complete your CPA Membership Registration process.  Thank you in advance for your patience though this transition.

To download a list of current members, click HERE.

Still have questions? Contact Tammy Taylor at